Our Mission

On a daily basis we are seeing the same outdated solutions being rebranded, repackaged and sold at extortionate prices with promise of being the fastest healer with the highest quality natural products.
With no thought or care for the consumer, these corporate entities advise to put harmful chemicals straight on to fresh tattoos and piercings, which is essentially an open wound, this is unsafe and a real issue. Most of the time these companies have no first hand experience in caring for and repairing the skins body art.

This is why "The Healing Company" was born!

All natural ingredients, exempt from man made colourings and fragrances.

A small group of people, with over 20 years experience in the body modification industry, teaming up with technicians in one of the UK's most respected laboratories, we have all agreed on one final conclusion.

There is nothing that Mother Nature can't heal naturally and with hard work and the correct research, the ingredients are all readily available.

With that in mind, we came across the Neem Tree (Indian lilac), which contains one of the most powerful antibacterial properties available today! But, it doesnt stop there, for neem doesn't just eradicate infection, it also has amazing effects for a whole number of ailments! For example, Dry Skin, Wrinkles and Dark Spots. This is due to the antioxidants Neem produces. The formation of melanin in your skin is greatly reduced and therefore, this will help preserve your skin tone ,leaving a fresh and more youthful appearance.

Our formula, Neem (Indian Lilac) is mixed with an abundance of other powerful ingredients, all of which has been provided by nature, is the reason we believe we have the best and first, TRUE completely natural solution to heal your tattoo or piercing, whilst also avoiding lumps bumps and loss of colour.


    A perfect blend of Salts from around the world, chosen for their healing properties. Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Fine Grain Organic Sea Salt. It is a method that has been used for thousands of years. It can help prevent skin infections while also restoring your skins natural oil and pH balance.


    The Healing after care Piercing kit showcases our top 3 essential best sellers to give your piecing the best aftercare. The 3 item kit consitst of the Ultra heal salt, Healing Soap and a luxury healing Bath bomb, Your piercings and skin will love this kit. Its ideal for all skin types.


    Non-Tacky and Non-Greasy, Dry Emollience. This butter will leave your skin feeling revitalised and replenished for much longer than other butters on the market. It provides a smooth barrier to protect your fresh ink. Special ingredient "Indian Lilac" is used in this product for its natural ability to heal. It is a natural defence for many ailments, especially its effect on wounds.  Use this product for lump, bumps and colour loss.